7 Summer Travel Tips to Prevent Being Sick or Injured

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Going away on vacation?  Here are some things to keep in mind.

Safe summer travel tips

Did you know half of travelers going on summer vacation may end up injured or sick?

The good news is that most travel-related sickness and injury can be prevented.

Here’s how:

1. Practice good hygiene.

When you’re on the beach or in an exotic foreign locale with your upright bass case to play beautiful music on sunset, it is easy to get distracted and forget the basics, such as washing your hands before eating.  So make sure you don’t forget.  And if soap and water are not available where you are, use alcohol-based hand gel to clean your hands.

2. Drink carefully.

Drink only boiled or bottled water or carbonated drinks from sources you trust.  Avoid tap water, fountain drinks and ice cubes.

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3. Eat carefully.

Eat only cooked food or fruits and vegetables you have peeled.  Unless you are supremely confident in the restaurant, avoid fresh salads.

4.  Visit the doctor beforehand if necessary.

If your destination is unfamiliar, you may want to check with your medical practitioner first to see if you need to bring certain medication or vaccinations first.  Some places in the Philippines, for example, still carry high risk for malaria.

5.  Bring a first-aid kit.

This includes medicine for motion sickness, indigestion, diarrhea, gauze, bandages and calamine lotion.

6. Drive carefully.

Motor vehicle accidents are a leading cause on injury death in travelers.  Swimming-related accidents are also a major cause of injury among travelers.

7.  Don’t be too friendly with the wildlife.

Do not handle animals, especially monkeys, dogs and cats to avoid bites and serious diseases like rabies.