My teenage daughter was on school break and was on her typical “boring day” when she suddenly wailed,
I just can’t wait for my life to begin!
Believe me, I knew how she felt.  I can so relate – and not because I was thinking back to when I was her age.  The longing to turn the page to a new chapter is something many of us experience in midlife.  The goals we have set when we were in our 20s or 30s may have been achieved, revised past recognition or cast aside.  Sometimes, we know what to do next, and sometimes, we’re just clueless.

That was me.  I remember rushing to check things off my list before I hit 40: buying a house, becoming a mother.  But I couldn’t visualize my next career move.  I have been in the same career since I turned 21, a career which was never my dream.  So I was practically going through the motions.  I wanted a career change, I wanted to pursue my passion, but this little voice inside my head convinced me that I did not want it.  What did I want?  To start a business? Go back to school?  All I knew was that I wanted some change.  I just don’t know how to do it.  Being comfortable makes you scared of the uncomfortable.
A friend suggested that I compose mission statements for myself.  She personally wanted to help children.  Another friend wanted to pursue her love of the arts.  Me, I wanted to go back to my first love.  You know, those times when you were asked by your kindergarten teacher what you want to become?  I declared I wanted to be a nun.  But since I probably won’t thrive in the convent, my dream was to be a mom, a wife and a writer. 
This blog is dedicated to women such as those who helped me clear away the fog and admit my heart’s desire.  Reinventing myself is a slow process.  I want so much to happen. I have so much to do.  My time is not enough.  But I am hoping you will be inspired to see your mission more clearly – and say it out loud.
 What is your mission?
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