What is Adrenal Exhaustion from Stress And Why It Is Affecting More Individuals

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When your body is stressed out, it uses some particular defense methods that are beneficial for short term stress – but for long term, they’re actually quite harmful. One of these defense methods is the reallocation of energy.

Essentially, your body takes a bunch of its energy and uses it all at once in order to give you a boost, making you more likely to solve whatever problem you’re facing. However, with long term stress, your body is eventually going to run out of this energy, and that is known as adrenal exhaustion.

Adrenal exhaustion is like trying to run a car on very little gas. It might go, but it certainly can’t go for long without stopping. There are tons of negative effects that come with adrenal exhaustion, and all of them can further increase your levels of stress and make your situation worse as time goes on.

One negative effect that comes with this exhaustion is a lower tolerance for stress. Where before, you might have been able to handle a lot more without getting stressed out, now you’ll be prone to getting very stressed – very quickly.

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The smallest things will be able to rile you up. This can put some serious strain on your relationships with friends, family, significant others, and even coworkers. Another effect that you might see from this is a serious drop in your blood sugar levels.

This occurs because your body uses a great deal of glucose in order to fuel those energy bursts, and once you run out, you’ll have much lower blood sugar than you normally would.

Low blood sugar can have a range of negative side effects. One of the main ones is anxiety. You’ll become very worrisome and emotional about things that you wouldn’t normally be concerned about.

Additionally, you might become shaky, indicating that you need to get more sugar in your system. In some cases, low blood sugar can even lead to heart problems. You cannot let your stress drive you to this point of exhaustion.

So many people seem to think that they need to work themselves to death, but that’s not true. If you work at full capacity all the time, you’re going to end up much weaker than you were before. Manage your time well and get into a schedule where you can work and relax as you need to.