Ajna Acupressure Mat

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Acupressure Mat

When you’re under stress, your body is releasing cortisol, the stress hormone. This hormone can cause all sorts of problems like muscle pain or weakness, weight gain, a weaker immune system and shortening of the telomeres.

When your telomeres shorten, so does your life. Stress is basically subtracting years from your lifespan. But you can stop that – and one way is through the use of an acupressure mat like the Ajna mat.

This mat works on the pressure points that you have. Using it is like you’re having a great massage done. When you use the mat, it boosts the circulation of blood flow throughout your body.

It also eases the tension in your muscles and on top of that it triggers the brain to produce endorphins. These are the feel good hormones that give you all over body relaxation and ease your pain.

It doesn’t take long to use the mat, either. You can find relief in as little as 15 minutes.
What’s great about the Ajna mat is that it’s completely natural. It doesn’t rely on any drugs at all or the nasty side effects that go along with that.

Instead, you’ll get relief from stress and all that goes along with that thanks to the spikes on the mat. There are 7000 ergonomically engineered spikes. These are used to free your energy pathways so that you find freedom from stress.

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When you use the mat, it can do away with insomnia which often goes along with stress and also speeds up the aging process. You won’t toss and turn throughout the night, but you’ll sleep soundly and peacefully.

The way that the mat can do this is by letting your weight trigger the pressure points that boost relaxation and blood flow. It can also help with pain anywhere in the body including back pain, shoulder and neck pain.

One area that the mat also really helps with is your emotions. Stress takes a toll emotionally because it can cause mood disorders. You might feel up one day and down the next.

Using the mat can help your moods to stabilize. You can use it at home or at work and notice immediate changes. You can use it for pain relief, to ease tension, muscle aches, to boost energy and to raise mood levels.

You can stand or sit on the mat. It can be used on the floor or on furniture such as a chair or sofa. It can also be placed in a car or used during yoga. This mat is non-toxic and is 100% cotton. The foam used to fill it is also environmentally friendly. It also comes with a pillow and you can get the set in white or blue.