Are Over the Counter Hormones Effective?

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Are Over the Counter Hormones Effective?

When your hormones aren’t balanced, it can cause mild symptoms or symptoms so severe you can’t even get through your day. It’s no wonder many people seek treatment when they start suffering.

By taking hormones to fix the imbalance, you can get rid of the negative side effects that unbalanced hormones can do to your body. You can find treatment for the side effects of mood swings, weight gain, insomnia, anxiety, thinning hair, hot flashes and more.

Wanting relief is one of the reasons why people look for over the counter hormones. You might be wondering if this is an effective treatment method and the answer is yes and no.

It all depends on what you buy. Some of the over counter treatments are full of hype, while others are extremely effective. You just have to make sure you research that treatment option before you buy it.

These over the counter treatments can do the job of the unbalanced hormone and help you bring your levels where they need to be. For example, you can find over the counter therapies that can do what estrogen does in your body.

This is because the treatment contains the same natural compound that estrogen consists of. The chemical foundation of over the counter hormones aren’t the same among all the different brands or in the different forms such as supplement, pill, cream or gel.

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You’ll need to know which one is more effective for you and you’ll also need to know which milligram you should start with. One hint is to remember that it’s always best to start small and build up the dosage as needed.

Natural plant ingredients are always a good choice when you’re looking at over the counter hormone options. You’ll also want to pay attention to over the counter treatments that can balance two hormones that are supposed to work together.

For example, if you know that you’re having a problem with low estrogen, you have to be careful that you don’t take enough estrogen to throw off your progesterone balance – especially if you’re looking for help alleviating symptoms of menopause.

If that’s something you’re looking for, look at the ingredient list and make sure the treatment option contains black cohosh, which is well known to help give relief for things like hot flashes.

If you can’t find something that has black cohosh in it, then look for treatment options that contain chasteberry, which promotes estrogen. If you have an estrogen imbalance, you can also look for over the counter products that have red clover.

This is an herb containing isoflavones or phytoestrogens, which mimic your body’s natural estrogen. Over the counter hormone remedies are effective as long as you take them in the amount that you need and you get the ones that mimic your own hormone needs.