The hCG Diet Protocol In A Nutshell

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If there is one diet that has tremendously changed my body weight (and perspective on lose-weight-fast scams), it is the hCG Diet Protocol.  Some people claim that this diet is crazy and just plain shady – what with the injections and/or drops that taste like water – but I was converted.

Because it worked for me.

Going on the hCG diet needs commitment.  And I mean major commitment.  This diet is not a walk in the park.  But if you want change, this is CHANGE!

And although change doesn’t happen overnight, your interest in the hCG protocol (thanks for reading!) may as well be the game changer for you.

This could be the beginning to a healthier you!

The Basics of the hCG Diet Protocol

Back in the 1950’s (I was surprised this diet has been around for a long time!), Dr. A. T. W. Simeons developed a program wherere he used hCG or Human Chorionic Gonadotropin in combination with a very low calorie diet (VLCD).  The hormone hCG is supposed to help utilize the abnormal fat stores of the body as fuel.

Some people swear – include me in the swearing lol – that the very first thing they noticed when they were on this diet was that belly fat was the first to go.  Truly.  Mine literally melted, along with my thigh fat.  (I wish it worked on my triceps as well sigh)

During early pregnancy (and that is why pregnancy test kits are sometimes called hCG test kits), the placenta releases hCG hormones.

Remember those times (addressed to moms, by the way) on your first trimester when you can barely eat?

This actually happens when you are on the hCG diet.  The hCG diet simulates your first trimester wherein you lose weight because the hCG hormone is directing the brain to use stored fats for the nourishment of the developing baby.

The awesome thing about the hCG diet is that it targets the abnormal fats – think ugly belly fat – which leads to fast weight loss without starving unlike other fad diets which leads to you looking like a war refugee or something.

The Four Phases of the hCG Diet Protocol

The hCG protocol has four phases and ALL of the phases should be followed. Staying on protocol will help reset your hypothalamus gland in the brain leading to your metabolism being reset.

Phase 1 or the LOADING Phase (1 to 2 days of Fat Loading + HCG intake)

Loading may as well be your favorite hCG phase.  Because it is my favorite!  Loading Phase, as the name suggests, involves eating like there is no tomorrow!  I personally do this for up to 3 days.

Here is how to do Phase 1:

  • Take your hCG.
  • Load on high fatty foods.  The original protocol does not specify fatty foods, but most hCG dieters swear that weight loss is faster when they loaded on high fatty foods instead of food that has high carbohydrate content.
  • Don’t ever think of skipping this step.  Loading properly will help you on your first days on Phase 2 where you will practically feel ravenous (that is why I load for 3 days, by the way).  hCG takes a while to take effect and building up on stored calories for the next few days while waiting for the hCG to kick in is a very good idea.
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Phase 2 – REDUCING Phase (Days 3 to 21 or up to Day 42: Very Low Calorie Diet (VLCD) + HCG Intake)

  • Continue taking HCG.
  • Begin your  500 calorie diet. Eat only food that is approved on the HCG protocol.  Of course, there may be sme deviations, like the protocol discussed on HCG 2.0, but for the meantime, we are strictly talking about Dr.  Simeons’ original protocol.
  • You should lose weight daily and it is best to record this on a weight tracker. I personally use Monitor Your Weight  which is a free phone app.
  • Don’t forget to take a picture to document your weight loss.  Measure parts of your body with a good tape measure so that you can see your progress later.

STALLS: Apple Day


  • You will be expecting to lose a pound or more a day.  Sometimes, especially in the middle of Phase 2, your weight loss will stall.
  • To jumpstart your weight loss and to stop your “stall”, the original protocol recommends you to do an Apple Day.
  • An Apple Day consist of taking in your hCG, but instead of your regular very low calorie meals, you can only eat an apple for lunch, afternoon snack, and dinner.  To further trigger your weight loss stall to finally move on, eat an apple for the next day breakfast and next day midmorning snack.

Phase 3 – TRANSITION Phase (3 days, no more HCG intake; Days 22-24 or Days 43-45)

  • Stop taking HCG.
  • Continue with the 500 calorie diet. It takes 3 days for the hCG to be out of your body.
  • Record your weight on the 3rd day.  This will be your LDW or Last Dosage Weight.

Phase 4 – MAINTENANCE Phase (3 weeks and above depending on the round and length of Phase 2 )

  • Never skip thi phase.
  • Complete Phase 4 to make your body to re-adjust, thereby helping you to maintain your weight.
  • Begin eating up to around 1500 calories per day.
  • Eat anything but stay out of sugar and starch.  Avoid any form of carbohydrates.


  • If you gain 2 pounds more than your last HCG dosage weight, you must do a Steak Day.
  • Steak Day involves eating nothing for breakfast or lunch. Just drink plenty of water during the day.
  • For dinner, eat a large steak and an apple.
  • This will amazingly make you lose some pounds.  .


  • Any form of exercise is allowed on Phase 2.  Inasmuch as you are on a Very Low Calorie Diet, doing some form of exercise would not be fair to your body.
  • Not fats or oils in skin care during the program.
  • Drink lots of fluid
  • No massage for the duration of the program

In Summary:

The hCG diet is very restrictive, but if you have the determination to finally lose the weight that you have been attempting to lose in the last decade, this diet is definitely for you.


To you who wish to start their journey with HCG, I wish you well!

Let’s do this together!