Breathtaking Batanes

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A World of Its Own!

If you’re tired of the usual tourist spots, this group of islands in the northernmost part of the Philippines will take your breath away!  It is like being transported to New Zealand or Greece or Austria all at the same time!

Home to the friendly and peace loving Ivatans, Batanes is the only place on earth with an HONESTY COFFEE SHOP!  No one mans the store!



Mount Iraya

The highest peak in Batanes stands at 1,009 meters above sea level.  Adventure junkies can easily trek to the top of the volcano in less than a day.


Mahatao View Deck

Being here is like visiting Greece or some other exotic locale.  Once you climb down the steps, you’ll be spellbound by the crashing waves and sparkling blue waters.



These tall and sturdy structures abound in Batan, Sabtang, and Itbayat – the three main islands of Batanes.  You can even climb some of them to get a 360 degree view of the islands.

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Fundacion Pacita

This boutique hotel was once the home studio of artist Pacita Abad.  Stay here for a quiet retreat in the garden with a breathtaking view of the island.


Rolling Hills

Go around Batan Island to see the lighthouses and the rolling hills.  You can do cartwheels, roll around in the grass, or simply sing, “The hills are alive with the sound of music!” Prepare yourself for very strong winds and oh, watch out for cow dung!


Whatever the weather

Because of its location, Batanes is plagued with the worst typhoons all year round.  Traditional Ivatan houses are made of stone and limestone to withstand strong typhoons. The oldest house, located in the town of Ivana, was built in 1887!


The smooth boulders in this beach are made of volcanic effusions from Mt. Iraya.

Stuff your tummy!

You can feast on fresh lobsters, coconut crabs and the dorado, a kind of saltwater fish.  Pair them with yellow rice –cooked with turmeric – and you are in heaven!.  There isn’t much of a night life in any of the islands so you can take time to really bond with family or friends.