Dating Myself

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The two of you go way back…

In fact, you have known her forever. 

But lately, you feel kind of disconnected – you just don’t understand her like you used to. 

If we were talking about your oldest friend, you’d make a date to spend some time just hanging out.  Getting in touch would be a priority.  But the woman we’re talking about is YOU: And lately you’ve been telling me that it’s been too long since you’ve actually spent sometime by yourself.

Dating Myself


Does the idea of being all by your lonesome make you…lonesome?

It turns out that loneliness has an upside, but to discover that, you need to do some things on your own.  I tried to watch a movie on my own once, and it was liberating.  My best friend sings to recent hits with loud music and her crazy drums inside her room alone.  Another friend tried to eat in a restaurant alone.

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Don’t let fear stop you from going on  a vacation when you can’t find anybody to go with you.  Go out alone on a dinner or a movie.  Eat exactly what you’re in the mood to eat and pick the film you really want to see.

Because in the end, these adventurous little moves will not only open up your life.  The will lead you back to something absolutely incredible –