Deep Breathing Does More Than Just Calm You Down

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Many people have heard that when you’re stressed out, you just need to take a deep breath. As absurd as it might sound, this actually does work, though it might take more than just a single breath.

If you can learn how to use deep breathing consistently, you’ll not only find that you’re reducing your levels of stress, but you might also be undoing some of the negative effects of stress that age you.

The reason deep breathing calms you down so much in the first place is that, for one, it lowers your heart rate. A high heart rate can often make you feel panicked and worried, whether there’s a reason for it or not.

By slowing things down, you trick your body to stop feeling as though it’s worried. It also gives you a second to clear your mind and only focus on one thing, instead of trying to focus on many things all at the same time.

There are a number of scientific reasons that deep breathing helps your body feel less stressed and actually helps undo the damage done by it. One reason is that it helps you detoxify your blood stream.

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Normally, carbon dioxide is released from our blood through breathing, because it’s a biproduct that needs to be eliminated. If your breathing isn’t good enough, you can have it build up and result in negative effects all over your body.

Deep breathing helps your blood stream run more efficiently, and with better blood flow, you’ll see all kinds of benefits. For one, your muscles will be much healthier. If they’re not receiving proper blood flow, your muscles can be prone to soreness, injury, and even spasms or cramps.

This means that you’ll see things like a sore back or neck less often with deep breathing. Another benefit of deep breathing is that it helps combat cortisol levels. Cortisol is the stress hormone, the culprit that causes a great deal of uncomfortable side effects to accompany your stress.

By having something that will make cortisol less prevalent and less effective, you’re able to reduce the amount of aging damage done by being stressed out. Deep breathing isn’t anything complicated, it doesn’t require training or any special equipment.

It can be done anywhere at any time, meaning you can employ this to help you just about anywhere, very discreetly – no one will know you’re doing it. Once you get used to it, it’ll almost come naturally.