Can DHEA Supplements Help Your Energy Levels and More?

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DHEA is a hormone that your body makes. It stands for dehydroepiandrosterone. The reason that your body needs DHEA is because it’s used in the production of both male and female hormones.

It helps create both testosterone and estrogen, both of which you must have for energy production. Without DHEA, your body’s metabolic system doesn’t operate correctly. You can’t get this hormone through healthy eating or any kind of superfoods.

You either get it because your body makes enough or you have to supplement. The DHEA supplements that you can buy are created so that they mimic natural DHEA and can carry out the function of this hormone.

The number one reason that DHEA gets out of balance or the levels get too low is caused by growing older. The older you get, the less DHEA your body is able to make. This is why older people often get illnesses or certain diseases.

DHEA is known to strengthen the immune system. DHEA supplements can do more than just give you the energy that you need and help keep your immune system healthy. It’s also important for fighting infections and making sure your glucose levels stay within a healthy range.

Doing this is why DHEA is known to fight diabetes. Taking DHEA supplements can help keep your emotions running on an even keel. Many people who take the supplements report improvements in their mood – including with anxiety and depression.

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It can also aid in helping you deal with stress. Besides moods, DHEA can also improve cognitive function that occurs as you get older. It’s also known to help improve the outlook of people diagnosed with certain types of mental decline.

The supplement is known to help strengthen bones as well as build muscle. This can help prevent you from developing osteoporosis, which is common among the elderly. It can also help with other age related issues for women – such as lower estrogen production.

When you take DHEA supplements, it helps your body rev up the production of estrogen. Something that many women like about DHEA supplements is that it’s known to help with weight loss.

It’s not a weight loss pill, but what it does is it works to allow the body to naturally fight slower metabolism caused by aging as well as a lack of fat burning ability. It also helps protect against dangerous visceral fat.

Taking DHEA supplements can also help to protect the health of your heart. When you take the supplement, it can lower your odds of developing heart disease. It also helps fight against high cholesterol and problems with your arteries.

If you’ve been experience a drop in energy, especially if it’s hormone related, you might benefit from looking into taking DHEA supplements. Make sure you compare the different types, though, since they have different levels of purity.