What Does a DIM Supplement Do to Help Balance Your Hormones?

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As a woman, you may have experienced the side effects associated with unbalanced female hormones. If you’re someone who’s battled menstrual cramps, PMS, mood swings or fertility problems, then you know that when the hormones get unbalanced, it’s not fun to deal with.

Your hormones are responsible for doing a number of tasks and when these hormones are too low or too high, the result can be chaos for your body. Thanks to that chaos, you can feel miserable.

While you might seek help from your doctor or over the counter medications, you still end up not feeling right. And you won’t until your hormone problem is addressed. To get your hormones back into balance quickly, you can take a supplement.

One supplement that’s known to specifically help women is DIM, which is short for diindolylmethane. This is a supplement that’s well known to help support your body’s ability to repair and maintain hormone balance.

One of the many things that it can help with includes making sure that your estrogen hormone levels are brought back into balance. When your estrogen gets off balance, you can end up with an imbalance between estrogen and progesterone, or something known as estrogen dominance.

When this happens, you can develop some annoying health problems – but also some more serious ones. One of the things that DIM can help guard against is certain types of female cancers, such as breast or cervical cancer.

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DIM works by boosting the production of different hormones to ensure that they’re working in unison and that one isn’t taking preeminence over the other, which is common in an estrogen imbalance.

The supplement helps with the production process and the elimination of hormones from the liver. Many women notice that once they begin taking DIM supplements, the product works quickly to bring their estrogen levels into normal range and they feel better.

You might be wondering exactly what kind of compound DIM is. It might surprise you to know that it comes from the foods that you eat. You get DIM from things like cabbage. Any vegetable that’s from the cabbage family can contain DIM.

If you’re thinking that there’s no need for you to take a supplement because you’ll just eat enough of the vegetables containing DIM to get what you need, that’s not quite true. Even if you ate DIM-rich vegetables all day long in massive quantities, you still wouldn’t get all that you need because the compound occurs through the digestion stage of these natural foods.

Your body can’t digest it as quickly or in as much quantity as you need – which is why a supplement should be used to help balance your hormones. As part of the process of helping restore your hormones, DIM metabolizes estrogen, balances testosterone and acts as a block against aromatase – which is a known factor that can lead to cancer.