Do You Feel Sleepy At Your Desk? What You Should Do!

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Nodding off at your desk or in the middle of chores? Researchers have found that stimulating certain pressure points can perk you up. 


Try any of the following for three minutes, using enough pressure so that it feels just a bit uncomfortable:

  • Massage the back of your neck at the hairline.  Position fingers half an inch to the left and right of your spinal column.
  • Using three fingers, lightly tap a few points on the top of your head.
  • With thumb and middle finger, massage the meaty muscle between the index finger and thumb of your opposite hand.
  • Massage the muscle just outside your shinbone, three inches below your knee.
  • And if all these won’t work, put on your headphones, listen to your fave rock music and thump your pens on your desk and pretend you’re rocking to your virtual drums.
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