Finding a Hormone Replacement Doctor That Suits Your Needs

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Finding a Hormone Replacement Doctor That Suits Your Needs

When you have a hormonal imbalance, you need to get treatment in order to get it taken care of before it does damage to your physical and emotional state. Sometimes the treatment can be as simple as exercising or taking over the counter replacements.

But you might want to find a hormone replacement doctor to guide you through the process. Your hormones require some knowledge in the field of endocrinology since the two issues are connected.

While your family doctor can certainly give you a prescription for replacement hormones, he or she is a general practitioner and that means this doctor only has a general, localized knowledge of what’s going on in your body.

He or she doesn’t know the precise treatment to help you restore the balance because he’s not an expert in that area. For that, you either need to see an endocrinologist or a holistic doctor.

Both can get your hormones back on the road to balance and you on the road to good health, because they know the benefits of and the difference between bioidentical treatment and standard treatment options.

They also know which one to give you to help deal with your particular symptoms. A good hormone replacement doctor won’t just hand you a prescription. He’ll look into the different hormone replacement options that fit your specific needs.

He’ll do different tests as well as bloodwork to determine where your balance is and how your endocrine system is functioning overall. Once he’s evaluated your hormonal health, then he’ll be able to give you a personalized plan to restore your hormone balance.

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A good hormone replacement doctor won’t just give you hormone treatment and send you on your way. He also won’t buy into the fact that declining hormones are a way of life and that you just have to deal with it.

He understands that a hormonal imbalance is something that has to be watched and tweaked in dosage as you experience different changes in your body. Find a good doctor who is up to date on the most relevant treatment options rather than someone who believes that the same treatment is good for everyone.

You’ll also want to find a hormone doctor who understands the practice of compounding hormone therapies. The right hormone replacement doctor will treat you as a whole person.

He’ll be interested in how you’re doing besides your hormones. He’ll want to make sure your overall health is good, too. This means he may help guide you on things like how to eliminate stress so that it helps your cortisol level.

He may also instruct you in how to eat in a way where the foods you consume also help boost your hormones. You want to find a doctor who is a partner with you in helping to maintain the best possible health you can have.

If you go to a doctor who has outdated beliefs about hormones and thinks that some symptoms can be treated, but not everything, then you need to seek out another one. Much has changed over the years when it comes to hormone treatments and there’s no reason that anyone just has to deal with the symptoms – not when relief is available.