Women In Menopause: Foods That Support Your Wellness

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Women In Menopause: Foods That Support Your Wellness

As a woman ages, the requirements of her body change and no longer can health be taken for granted if you wish to enjoy many more years of life, but rather considerations need to be made that support your well-being.

When do most of these changes occur? Starting during menopause. Not sure what you should be changing with regards to your diet? Then you’ve come to the right place, as your plate will be filled with yummy knowledge by the time you’re through!


We hope that you’re not lactose intolerant, because staring at the time of menopause, your requirement for calcium goes up significantly. Why? It’s because of the loss of the protective effect that estrogen has on bones that prevents reabsorption of calcium into the blood, ensuring structural components are kept strong.

However, from menopause onwards, that protective effect is lost and the blood is free to leach away calcium from bones if it deems it as necessary.

Be sure to get at least a glass of milk daily, along with supporting supplements, as your requirement around this time will stand at 1000-1200mg/daily. A glass of milk only offers about 125mg calcium, leaving much of the need unmet.

Soy Is Your Friend

Classically, soybean and soya products have been very friendly to women, but are not a man’s best option. This is all because of the presence of phytoestrogens, plant based sterols which mimic the effect of estrogen in the human body, effectively acting in a manner similar to the body’s natural hormone.

This is extremely important during menopause, as every little bit of extra estrogen can help alleviate the torture of hot flashes and mood swings caused by the sudden drop of the woman’s natural hormone.

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You’ve been hearing it from the time you learned to read, and it will likely continue to be heard for centuries to come. There is no understating the importance water plays in the human body, since it can keep cells turbid and healthy, as opposed to flaccid and deformed.

Estrogen reduction will also accelerate skin aging and sagging, which water can mildly counter by keeping cells hydrated and resistant to premature aging from the sun and drying out. Apart from that, water will keep those kidneys running at top efficiency.

More Fiber

Fiber has numerous functions, but of particular interest in the post-menopausal woman is its ability to bind and remove bile acids from circulation.

In order for more bile acids to be produced, the body dips into its cholesterol stores, effectively reducing blood cholesterol values. This works out as a great way of keeping the heart healthy, and your bowel motility regular!

Slow Digesting Carbs

Replacing simple carbs with slow digesting varieties such as oats can help you fight through days that seemingly don’t end. Slow digesting carbs deliver glucose slowly through the day and will not result in big spikes and crashes in energy, which is characteristic of simple sugars.

In addition, many grains are naturally rich and fortified with B vitamins, which promote metabolism and overall health.


Though often overlooked in favor of fish oil, flax seed has a few tricks up its sleeves that fish oil just can’t match. Of primary interest is the presence of estrogen like compounds in flaxseeds, which help alleviate symptoms of hot flushes. They also have lots of fiber in addition to omega-3, making it a worthwhile addition.


Menopause should not be a time that involves just suffering and discomfort. Instead, it can be a time of great learning, by adapting to a new chapter of your life. Menopause does not have you beat, now go eat!