Happy Wraps Namaste Weighted Aromatherapy Eye Pillows

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Stress Can Make You Ugly!


If you are dealing with stress like all of us people on Earth are feeling now because of this pandemic, expect to have the following:

  • skin problems,
  • digestive issues,
  • eyebags,
  • wrinkles,
  • weak immune system.

I know.  My eyebags are baggages I don’t even want to have…

IN A HURRY? Here is my top pick for a perfect anti-stress. (Plus, it makes your peepers oh so pretty!)

 Happy Wraps Namaste Hot & Cold Relaxing Lavender Eye PillowsGet More Info

As if having eye bags, skin problems, digestive issues, wrinkles, and out-of-whack immune system aren’t bad enough, a stressful life can rob you of a longer life.

Just great, right? Here you are stressing over the pandemic, but it make you even prone to the virus!

Stress weakens your immune system.

When stress impacts your immune system, it weakens it, making you more susceptible to illnesses and diseases that damage your health.

You can stop this and the accelerated aging that goes along with immune system deterioration through the use of aromatherapy.

Experience aromatherapy through the use of weighted eye pillows.

A great way to experience aromatherapy is through the use of weighted eye pillows like my favorite, the Happy Wraps Namaste ones.

Relying on ancient healing, you place these pillows gently across both eyes, and rest your stress away.

The heavenly scents in the pillows relieve tension and stress and relax the body. These scents impact an area of the brain called the hypothalamus, which is responsible for the hormones.

Using Happy Wraps Namaste Weighted Aromatherapy Eye Pillows essentially lowers your stress hormone.

It releases the emotional effects of stress and in turn eases the physical effects, including the aging process.

What is inside Happy Wraps Namaste Eye Pillows?

Happy Wraps Lavender Eye Pillow – Yoga Eye Pillows contains the Freshest and Finest Organic Flax Seed and whole Lavender Buds in every eye pillow.

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Lavender is known to sooth the nervous system.  As it soothes the nervous system, it relieves issues like  high blood pressure, pain and mood swings.  It relieves anxiety as well.  Lavender has a lulling effect on the brain waves, so users end up relaxed but energized and feel better.



Flaxseed  eases headaches, sinus pain and body tension. Because the pillow is weighted, the pressure not only keeps the pillow where it needs to be, but it’s this pressure that alleviates symptoms caused by stress.

When do you use Happy Wraps Namaste Eye Pillows?

These pillows can be used during meditation, while you are sleeping, or when you want to take a brief rest from your Zoom calls.

I sometimes use them while doing my yoga or whenever I sneak inside my room to relax.

How do you use Happy Wraps Eye Pillows?

  • For cold therapy, store in freezer overnight or chill in freezer for 1- 2 Hours.
  • For hot therapy , sprinkle a tiny bit of water on your Eye Pillow and microwave for 30 seconds MAX (Never overheat or submerge in water)

*Always Be Sure You Heat 30 seconds Only !! *

Hot therapy relaxes muscles and tension.

Using them cool can eliminate swollen eyes as well as puffy skin around the eye.

Product Details:

Happy Wraps Namaste Eye Pillows are:

  • non-toxic and are
  • chemical free.

These pillows cannot be placed in a washing machine.

You can choose from 7 different colors. They measure 4” by 8.5” and are made of 100% cotton so they’re soft against the skin. You’ll get a set of four pillows in all.

My thoughts:

I have these pillows for like around five months.  I love using them since I always get tired eyes because of my job as an accountant.  What I love about these pillows is the scent stays like FOREVER!!!

Unfortunately, these pillows cannot be washed.  If you wash, the smell will be lost.  What I did was to make a small pillow cover and just wash the cover alone.