Have A Festive, Healthy Holiday! Don’t Over-Indulge!

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Christmas Season which in the Philippines starts as early as September and extends way to the first Sunday of January is known for bringing people together.  For most of us, it’s also the only time during the year when we can have a break, if you can call that hustle and bustle a break.
But for some people, the holiday season and the activities that we do during that time can be sources of deep physical and psychological stress.  Because of that stress, there’s always that danger of us eating too much (or eating the wrong foods), drinking too much , staying up late too many times, keeping bad feelings stifled, or simply failing to take care of ourselves overall.
There are studies that show that people gain an average of five pounds during the four-week holiday  season.  On a daily basis, that means an extra 500 kilocalories each day – that’s about equal to a handful of chips, a sausage roll and two glasses of win, say the studies.
And that’s just your waistline we’re talking about.  The holidays can wreak havoc on your over-all well-being too.  But who wants to fret about all that when you should be having fun and enjoying the company of family and friends, recharging and preparing for next year’s challenges and strengthening and connecting your spiritual and religious values? But being aware of the holiday pitfalls can help you avoid getting your health, fitness and well-being in trouble.
So take heed, relax and don’t go decadent!  
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