Herbal Remedies That Assist Women with Hormone Balancing Naturally

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Herbal Remedies That Assist Women with Hormone Balancing Naturally

Your body is filled with a variety of hormones that are in charge of different functions in your body. When any one of these hormones gets out of balance, it can make you feel awful.

These hormones are a vital part of your endocrine system. What happens when they get unbalanced is you’re usually prescribed a replacement hormone. But the trouble with man-made hormones is that they’re synthetic and the molecular makeup of these hormones can be different from what your body naturally produces.

So you end up still not feeling a hundred percent like your best self. When you have to take products to try to restore your hormone imbalance, your body can begin to rely on the synthetic form – meaning the off balance problem will no longer be corrected by your body.

It will simply let the pills or other forms of medication do the job it’s supposed to do. That means that you can’t ever stop taking the synthetic solution. When you take a synthetic hormone to help a natural hormone that’s not working right, this synthetic solution acts like a bandage.

It doesn’t repair the root cause. It only addresses the side effects of the root cause. That means that whatever is going on in your body will continue to affect you in different ways and in different organs.

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You’re always better off trying to balance your hormones using natural means and you can do that by using herbal remedies. You can find herbs that are known to treat the symptoms of hormone imbalance and have the ability to restore healthy function.

One particular herb, known as ashwagandha, is known for restoring hormone health. It can specifically target the hormones that are produced in your thyroid – but it also works to help balance the hormones that are produced by your adrenal glands as well.

Because stress is one of the big reasons that hormones can get unbalanced, you want to make sure you deal with the stress and what it does to your body. The herb holy basil not only helps with inflammation in the body, but it can work to restore the balance of the hormone cortisol, which is your stress hormone.

For women who have a progesterone imbalance, you’ll want to use chaste tree berry.

For women who need help with the side effects caused by reproductive hormone imbalance, you can use maca.

This is a root vegetable that you can get in herbal powder form that can balance your hormones as well as restore your energy levels. If you have estrogen levels that are too high, red clover is an herbal remedy that can be used to lower it and restore balance. Another herb that can help with estrogen imbalance is black cohosh. This herb also reduces hot flashes that happen during menopause.