How You Can Get Heart Disease When You Can’t Get Your Stress Under Control

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It’s often misunderstood just how serious stress can be. Many people tend to think of it as just a bit of discomfort and a lack of action. In reality, long term stress can lead to so many bad health conditions, so it really should be taken more seriously.

Stress ages you, and with that, you’re not just going to be seeing a thinning hairline and back pain. You might end up seeing heart disease as a result of stress. Among other things, one of the parts of your body that gets affected by stress is your bloodstream.

When you get stressed out, your blood pressure rises, along with your heart rate. This doesn’t just make you feel panicked – it can quickly lead to heart problems and even a heart attack if it’s not taken care of promptly.

High blood pressure isn’t the only risk you face when it comes to stress and heart disease. One thing your body does when it’s stressed out is release adrenaline, which is something meant to amp you up.

With short bursts of stress, this helps give you the energy you need to resolve the problem quickly. However, with long term stress, adrenaline will keep getting pumped through you, and your heart will suffer as a result.

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Another way your heart is put at risk when you’re stressed out for awhile is through weight gain. When you get stressed out, you’ll experience some rapid weight gain, and over time, you might become overweight or even obese.

Being overweight is enough to put some serious strain on your heart, and it can lead to you having a heart attack, clogged arteries, and more. Another heart related issue that arises with stress is poor oxygen flow.

When you get stressed out, your breathing isn’t great, so you’re not going to have the best oxygen intake. When your blood pumps through your body, it’s supposed to get oxygen so that it can supply it to other muscles and body parts that need it. If you have lower oxygen levels, then your heart can become weak, leading to disease.

Keep in mind that these issues tend to come about with cases of long term stress. If you just have one bad day, you’re not likely going to develop heart problems, but if your stress goes unchecked for awhile, then it’s something that you need to look out for.