Is Your House Ready for Guests?

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I live in Baguio City, which just happens to be the “Summer Capital of the Philippines.”  This makes my house always a stop-over for relatives and friends who want to visit the city.

I have since gotten used to impromptu sleepovers which made me master making my own “hotel-in-a-box.”  You, too, can make your house be ready for guests with these six easy steps.


1. Set aside beddings and towels just for guests.

You will save time going through your linen closet to look for matching and complete sets when they are already on hand. I am planning on investing in extra beddings since my beddings are the same beddings my mom used for her guests! 

I have been waiting for a major sale in the mall when I discovered this site which sells lovely quality beddings like the following:


Chic and simple, this is absolutely beautiful!

And this colored, waved bedding would surely make the guest room pop! (More of this colorful pattern here)


This one looks classy (and it is on sale at 51% off the price!)…


but I am partial to dainty prints…


or since the sunflower is synonymous to our city, I would probably get this one:


Whatever design you choose for your beddings, your guests will surely appreciate your effort to provide them with clean, comfortable and beautiful beddings.

2. Put necessary toiletries in a box or caddy.

It will be easier for them to carry the caddy around if they don’t have their own bathroom

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Image source:

Light bulbTip: Stock up on small-sized shampoos, conditioners and bath gels.  They’re the perfect size for short stays!

3.  Provide a pair or two of slippers for guests.


Image Source:

There are times when people forget to pack their own slippers so they will appreciate you remembering them in this small way.

4.  Make a list of important numbers.

Mobile phoneYou may not always have time to do everything with your guests, so let them know they can reach you in case they need anything.  List down home, office, and emergency numbers, as well as fast food delivery numbers.

5.  Keep it all together.

Place everything you’ve prepared in a basket so it’s easy to retrieve once your guests arrive.  The basket can then be used as a hamper for their dirty laundry during their stay.  When they leave, you can store everything in the basket again and just leave it in a closet.


A photo by winnond via


6.  Make it a noteworthy stay. 

Even a handwritten card with a short message thanking your guests for visiting you will help your guests feel special.  Place this on top of their bed or toiletry basket where it won’t be missed.


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If you have more time to prepare, clear out a couple of drawers or make room in a closet so they won’t have to live out of a suitcase during their stay.  Make a list of activities and places of interest in your area (this is very helpful for out-of-towners).  Just before they arrive, light up some candles or bring in some fresh flowers. 



Let them feel like you have been expecting them for quite some time.Fit,Fabulous and Forty