Modify Your Mindset Against Stress as You Grow Older

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There’s a strong link between the body and the mind. What you allow yourself think about can make stress worse. These thoughts can then influence how the stress affects your body.

When you allow yourself to have the kind of mindset that keeps stress going, it can age your body. People who mentally give space to stress age at a faster progression than those who practice the power of a positive mindset.

Stress affects your emotions and these emotions can strike at the heart of your DNA by interrupting the healthy cellular growth cycle. When you’re anxious or angry, you can become irritated and feel even more stressed out.

This can cause you to develop a cynical or pessimistic mindset. Those who have a pessimistic mindset end up aging faster than those who have a positive mindset. These people have a tendency to develop age related diseases such as cardiovascular disease and even certain cancers.

Stress itself doesn’t cause these diseases or cancers to develop. It’s the physical damage created by stress that does this. And your body will always react to stress, even if it’s short term.

If you want to stop the accelerated aging process going on as a result of stress, you have to learn how to modify your mindset. You need to not only practice positive thoughts, but learn how to think better so that you develop a mindset that effectively diminishes stress.

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Having a positive mindset doesn’t mean that stress is automatically going to dissipate. What it means is that you’re learning new coping skills that prepare you to handle stress so that it doesn’t internalize and speed up your aging process.

Begin by eliminating any negative things that you say to yourself when stress hits. This might be something negative about the situation or about yourself. Stop and reframe the negative into a positive.

Filter your thoughts. When something negative happens that could be potentially stressful, catch yourself before you allow yourself to dwell on the downside. Find one good thing about what happened or whatever is going on that’s causing your stress.

Focus your thoughts on that good thing. Don’t envision the worst about anything or anyone. When you do that, it can cause stress to grow. See the stress for what it is – a moment in your life, nothing more than that.

Sometimes people stress because they think whatever they’re stressing about is going to last forever. It won’t. Find something to be grateful for every single day. Find something to laugh about.

Take care of your body. Eat right, exercise and get the sleep that you need. Make sure that your support team is made up of people who are positive, those who support you and won’t let you remain negative or dwell on stressful things or people.