New To Yoga? This Yoga Set for Beginners Is a Good Start To Your Practice

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If you want to stop the accelerated aging process that’s caused by stress, then you need to consider yoga. Stress ages your body inside and out. It impacts your heart, causing high blood pressure.

It can spike your glucose levels. Stress causes people to worry and to have high anxiety levels. It can also wreak havoc on the immune system. But yoga alleviates all of that and provides you with stress relief as well as numerous health benefits.

Stress causes weight fluctuations as well as digestive issues. Yoga can help with those issues, too. Yoga is a natural stress and anxiety reliever and is known to regulate the stress system within the body.

Stress causes you to tense up and that tension affects your muscles, especially in the shoulders and neck. Having the right tools to use for yoga whether you’re a beginner or you’ve been doing it a while is important.

There’s a great yoga set for beginners with the Yoga Set Kit. You can use the kit to help you restore the mind and body balance, rid yourself of stress and stop the fast biological aging going on in your body.

With this kit, you’ll be able to practice the yoga moves you undertake regardless of the form of yoga that you want to practice. The set begins with the mat. The mat is known as the Better Grip mat.

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That’s because the workout surface of the mat is textured. This texture makes both sides of the mat non-slip. So whether you’re doing yoga at home or with a class, it won’t get slick and cause you to lose your balance.

The mat is extra thick. This extra thickness is done to help with impact as your body flows from one pose to the next. This also helps with stability. The mat is also longer than most of the mats on the market.

This one is 72 inches in length and spans just over 25 inches in width. So you’ll have plenty of room to lie down or stand as needed. Unlike other yoga mats where you have to buy any accessories separately, this set comes with the extras that you need to get started.

You’ll get two foam blocks included. These blocks are used to aid in poses as well as to support various areas of your body. They are 3” by 6” by 9”. Also included is 8 foot cotton strap.

This strap is used to help with the poses to help you bend easier. The set comes with quick drying yoga towels as well as a hand towel so when you work up a sweat, you can wipe your body or your mat.

Along with everything that comes in the set, there’s also a roomy yoga bag. You’ll be able to store everything in your set as well as have everything ready to take on the go. The bag has straps inside it to hold the foam blocks in place.