Your Serotonin Diminishes Stress and Unleashes Happiness

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Much of your happiness relies on chemicals being released in your brain. If you’re under a lot of stress, those chemicals won’t be released as often, and you’ll be left feeling unhappy and will be unable to summon any feelings of happiness.

This can lead to prolonged periods of stress, which makes you age and have a few other physical effects that accompany it. One of the most important chemicals for happiness in your brain is serotonin.

Serotonin is a very unique chemical. This is the part of happiness that makes you feel aloof, happy and carefree. It’s a very calm, casual happiness that many people would want nothing more than to have greet them every day.

Serotonin is key for overcoming stress, because it plays an important role in reducing – not only the feeling of stress – but also the physical effects of it. For example, stress can lower your immune system if left in charge for awhile.

This can lead to a variety of bad circumstances, from simple illnesses to faster aging. Serotonin, on the other hand, has been shown to boost your immune system, leaving you less likely to contract a disease or anything else that could put you out of commission.

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This alone makes serotonin a fantastic hormone. Another aspect of serotonin is that it can help you sleep better. Sleep is so incredibly important for so many reasons. It helps you stay healthy, look younger, and it helps with stress and similar afflictions.

Without proper sleep, you’ll be gaining weight, getting sick, and suffering from other issues like irritability. By helping you sleep, serotonin is doing a great deal for your physical and mental health.

One way that you can boost your serotonin levels is by going outside regularly. If you’re always cooped up inside, your body won’t produce as much. Figure out some activities you enjoy that involve going outside so that you can get some sunshine, and soon your body will begin to produce more.

An effective way of doing this would be to take up hiking, because exercise also boosts serotonin. While going to the gym is fine, exercising outdoors can help you rapidly raise your serotonin levels.

If you struggle with stress or with depression, raising your serotonin levels might be exactly what’s needed to help you. Without it, you’re going to have a much tougher time overcoming your struggles, so really try to embrace it.