Are You Estrogen Dominant?

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You need a healthy balance with your estrogen in order to support your other hormones as well as your general well being. When your estrogen becomes dominant, it means that you have an estrogen imbalance.

Even if your body isn’t producing that much estrogen, it can still lead to dominance if you don’t have a good level of progesterone. This is what’s needed to keep the estrogen balanced.

So even women who are beginning menopause – and their estrogen levels are extremely low – can have estrogen dominance if they have don’t have enough progesterone.

You might think that this is a condition that occurs when a woman reaches middle age, but that’s not the case at all. You can become estrogen dominant even when you’re in your early thirties.

There are many different symptoms of this condition and you can have one or two or you can have several of them at the same time. One of the first things some women notice that can signify an estrogen imbalance is a problem with their emotions.

They’ll have mood swings, feel extremely irritable or have bouts of depression for reasons they can’t pinpoint. Another sign of estrogen dominance is headaches and these can be reoccurring.

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You might experience lumps in your breasts that are fibroid based. Many women begin to have chances in their menstrual cycles such as a change in length, flow or skipping months or having two within one month.

Bloating is common with estrogen dominance as is weight gain. Women can experience a loss of interest in sex as well as extreme fatigue. Other symptoms of estrogen dominance will mimic a thyroid condition.

You can experience thinning hair, brain fog and insomnia. The reason estrogen dominance occurs is because the progesterone that’s supposed to balance the hormone during a woman’s cycle isn’t being produced enough.

While some people believe this is solely due to the approach of menopause, estrogen dominance is not related just to the monthly cycle or the reproductive system. You can become estrogen dominant if you have a lot of stress in your life because this can cause too much cortisol as well as problems with other hormones and it affects your production of estrogen as well as your production of progesterone.

Women who are obese tend to have a higher incident of estrogen dominance as well as women who follow a diet that lacks certain vitamins and minerals. To balance your estrogen levels, you can change your diet, and you can also use a product that restores progesterone balance. You’ll want to take steps to reduce or eliminate the stress in your life as well.