The Chill Spot: Learning How to Breathe Properly

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Breathing deeply has lots of health benefits.  Sounds too simple?  Studies have shown that many people don’t know how to breathe – properly, that is.  Breathing properly can help you relax and refresh your mind and body, especially when you’re stressed.

Go to a quiet place.  Sit down and keep your back straight.  Empty your mind and breathe following the tips below:

Breathe through your nose

Most people think that big breaths inhaled from the mouth is deep breathing, but it is not.  Not only does your nose help your breathe properly, it also keeps the bad particles and dust in the air from getting into your lungs.

Keep shoulders down.

Try taking a big deep breath now.  Did your shoulders rise as you breathed?  Remember that the goal is to be relaxed and keeping your shoulders down and not tensed up is a good sign that your body is totally chilled out.

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Don’t try too hard

Listen to other sounds like birds chirping or leaves rustling to help you relax while you breathe or close your eyes if you can.  With time, proper breathing should come naturally and you’ll be able to relax even in a busy room