The Literally Last-Minute Weight-Loss Plan

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Do you need to look fit and fabulous, like, err, today?

It is impossible to lose weight in just a day, but hey, even your favorite fit and fab model does these last few tricks to make their bodies look awesome.

Here is the plan:


Avoid eating foods that cause bloating.

Foods That Cause Bloating

Beans and milk and those mentioned above are notorious for making you bloat.  Avoid them like the plague and oh, hold on your salt intake (read: avoid those junk food and chips!). 

Work out fast.

Working Out Progress

Try squeezing in a tough workout before going to the beach or any event where you want to look your best.  Work fast and hard to force blood into your muscles.  Experts swear that you will look toned if you have more blood in your muscles.

Drink lots of water.


Just because you are bloated does not mean you should avoid water.  Your body may be holding onto water because it needs more water (Does that make sense?).  Drinking a few glasses of water will help clean up your system relieving bloating.

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Use a tanner.

Use Tanner, Look Thinner

Use the magic of contouring on your face and use a tanner spray to define your muscles and minimize the appearance of cellulite.

Have you done all?

Then it is…

Fit Into Your Skinny Jeans

Time to fit in these perfect jeans from Levis!blankfavicon