A Warning If You Are Using Topical Hormones

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A Warning If You Are Using Topical HormonesMany people can’t take hormone treatments in pill form so they get the topical kind – and this gives them the relief from symptoms as well as restores the balance that they need.

While it’s a good thing to use hormones in the form that’s best for you, if you’re using the topical kind, it may not be what’s best for everyone else in your house – including your pets.

That’s because transference is a problem that happens, especially between humans and their pets. While it might be easy to think that this shouldn’t be a problem for animals, it is – and some of the effects can be serious.

Unfortunately, most of the hormone replacement treatments don’t warn patients about the effects of transference or what to watch for in others or pets if it happens. Any kind of topical hormone – such as estrogen, progesterone or testosterone – can be transferred and it’s easily done.

Whatever comes in contact with someone else or a pet is absorbed right into the bloodstream and it doesn’t have to happen from you touching your pet or a child. You can sit on your couch with the topical hormone not dry and you’ll transfer some onto the linens.

Then a child or pet comes along, comes into contact with that exact spot and the hormone gets on their skin and is then on the way into their bloodstream. It’s a big deal because this can cause both short term and long term adverse effects.

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Hormonal topical treatments are known to be transferred from women to men and then men will begin experience female side effects – including things like elevated estrogen levels, mood swings, and the development of female characteristics such as enlarged breast tissue.

Because they’re smaller in size and weight, the effects of topical hormones on children can be even greater. Boys can begin to develop female traits and the hormone can cause the beginning of puberty even at a very young age.

Contact with topical hormones also raises the risks of getting diseases such as cancer for both boys and girls. If your pets are exposed to the topical hormone, it can cause swelling in the reproductive area, abnormalities in dogs or cats that are pregnant and more.

The transference of topical hormones such as testosterone can also cause thinning hair, mood swings, and anxiety in those it comes in contact with it. If children come in contact with this hormone, it can cause noticeable changes in their bodies – such as swelling in the genitals.

To prevent transference, always use gloves when applying the topical hormone. If the hormone is not dry yet on your skin, don’t pick up and hold children or pets in your lap. Even if you just brush some of the hormone onto a child’s clothes, they can run the risk of absorbing it. If the hormone comes in contact with your bed linens, washcloths or towels, then you should immediately wash the items.