Watching The News Can Cause Chronic Emotional Stress

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Political Stress Is Causing Chronic Emotional Chaos

If you pay attention to what’s going on in the world, then you will notice that the political divide is wider than it ever has been before, thanks to the Internet fueling the flames. Tensions are sharp and the stress is deeper and longer lasting.

Studies show that two thirds of people report that politics are causing them emotional chaos due to the negative conversations with people on opposing sides of the spectrum.

Hearing the constant negative political talk on the news as well as seeing it on social media weighs on them heavily. People are also admitting that political stress bothers them more than stress about relationships, finances or work issues.

Emotional stress causes premature aging because it affects the body’s cells that are ultimately responsible for the aging process. This constant internal bath of stress weakens cells as it simultaneously shortens them.

As a result of this ongoing weakness, the cells die off quicker than they normally would.
The barrage of political stress leads to anxiety, anger and depression. Some people report arguing and name calling during political discussions.

The divide among family, friends and communities causes deep internal struggles and can lead to insomnia. As a result of the internalized stress and physical effects like insomnia, the body’s biological clock can age as much as a decade.

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During this battle with stress, not only are the cells dying off, but new cells aren’t producing in the numbers that they once did. As a result of both the dying off and the lower production of cells, the body’s cells begin to experience a higher risk of developing age related diseases – including heart disease and certain types of cancer.

Normal methods of dealing with stress, such as making sure you eat right, exercise and get a good night’s sleep, don’t seem to improve the type of stress caused by political turmoil.

Many people are finding that their health has been impacted by this. They’re dealing with health issues such as stomachaches, digestive issues and weight fluctuations. Some people are battling high blood pressure, while others are experiencing a deteriorating immune system.

They’re finding that they get sick more often than they did before they started dealing with political stress. People are experiencing problems with cognitive function, such as memory recall.

This is caused because stress can kill the cells within the brain. It affects the cortex area, which is directly responsible for memory. In an effort to deal with the stress they’re under, some people are turning to substance abuse in an attempt to find relief from the emotional political chaos they’re going through.