What Exercises Can Help Women Suffering from Unbalanced Hormones?

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If you’re someone who’s suffering from unbalanced hormones, bringing them back to the right level can give you the relief that you’re looking for. There are numerous things that you can do to restore balance and one of these is exercise.

It’s true that you can take certain medications and that will boost your levels or lower it as needed. However what these medications are doing is they’re treating the symptoms that are caused by a lack of the right amount of hormones.

You can do the same thing, treating the symptoms, without having to put anything in your body. It’s a well known fact that exercise can treat mood swings, insomnia and weight gain.

By exercising, you can gain control over your hormones. When you exercise, your neurotransmitters work to flood your body with feel good hormones (such as dopamine and others) which makes you feel better immediately but it also helps you continue to feel better long term.

Exercise also causes your body to release serotonin, which helps treat libido problems, sleep issues, cognitive function and mood. For women who are struggling with lower estrogen levels, exercise is the key to bringing it back up again – even during the stage of menopause.

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The kind of exercises that you choose to do to help treat a hormonal imbalance are important. You do need to have a cardio routine as well as some form of muscle building regimen and you need to do this regularly.

Hit and miss exercise won’t help keep your hormones balanced. Even if you can’t jump right into exercise, you can make small changes right now to boost your hormones. Instead of driving, walk as much as you can.

Don’t sit down to talk. Pace the floor. One of the best types of exercise regimens that you can do is high intensity interval training – otherwise known as HIIT – and it’s highly recommended even if you’re older.

It’s known to boost hormones as well as help your body be able to properly regulate insulin so that you can fight against the fat storage and weight gain that come with declining hormones.

Resistance training is something that you should especially do if you have estrogen imbalance or if you’re in menopause because this can help protect your bone density.
If you want to exercise a little more low key, you can do yoga for hormone balance.

Exercises such as pull-ups, sit-ups and anything that works your abdominal area can help restore hormone function as well as work to keep the belly fat that’s linked to hormone imbalance from settling around your mid-section.