What My Mom Taught Me:Boys will break your heart

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I had a perfect view of love growing up and the scene is always like in those Disney fairy tales.  A knight in shining armor shows up, slays the monster hiding me in the tower and we ride off the sunset to our happily ever after.

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Well, my mom told me this scene does not always happen.  She told me boys will break my heart but I will come out stronger.

I had my first heart break in high school.  Being the hopeless romantic that I was, I thought it was going to last forever.  Which did not happen, of course, and I remember my mom telling me that it is okay to get hurt because it is a part of falling in love.  She said that getting hurt will teach you life lessons which you will carry with you when you grow up.

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And she was right.  After every heartbreak, after moping around and strumming my blues in my guitar on h1a, I always manage to stand up, move on from every fall, and love myself even more.blankfavicon