Yes, Women Need Testosterone Too!

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Most people think of testosterone as purely a male hormone, but women do have small amounts of this in their body. They need this hormone working together with their other hormones in order to maintain a good balance and healthy outcome.

This hormone is one that helps level out mood swings. It can keep fatigue at bay and it can help promote a healthy libido. This hormone is naturally produced in a woman’s body by the adrenals.

The ovaries also produce some amounts of testosterone. You might not realize that without testosterone being in your body, it can rob your muscles of their ability to function as well as they should.

Testosterone is a hormone that helps boost your bone growth. So when the levels are unbalanced in a woman’s body, it can lead to a loss of bone density. This hormone works in conjunction with other hormones to help boost your cognitive abilities, too.

Not only does testosterone help keep you in good health, but it also plays a role in the shape of your body. Women who are lacking in the proper amount of testosterone can find that their body holds onto fat deposits more in one area than in another.

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If you don’t have the right amount of this hormone, you’ll notice that your muscles can become flabby, you’ll experience bursts of irritability and you can have trouble with something called brain fog.

You might think that this hormone isn’t really something that you have to worry about when you’re young. But the truth is that declining testosterone levels actually begin early on.

Women in their 20s can begin to have levels of testosterone that are below the average minimum for good health. When a woman reaches menopause, the testosterone levels drop significantly.

Testosterone also plays a role in your brain’s long term health. When you have a normal level of this hormone, it can help prevent you from certain mental decline or diseases as you grow older.

Women who have a good range of testosterone won’t have the same risk of developing dementia as they age. That’s because testosterone helps protect your brain. When your testosterone is in balance, you don’t have the same mood swings that you would if it was faulty.

Testosterone is one of those hormones that has to be normalized because too little can cause the same level of side effects that too much can. If your testosterone levels get too high, it can cause facial hair growth, thinning or loss of hair and irregular periods.
It can even cause polycystic ovarian syndrome.