Yogi Tea: Your Stress-Relieving Tea

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Stress Relieving Tea

Stress causes mood swings, including bouts of sadness, anger and anxiety. When your moods are all over the place, it acerbates stress and the body releases more cortisol. In turn, this speeds up the aging process.

Bouts of mood swings can cause numerous health problems, including high blood pressure and insomnia. Both of those can further the damage that stress does to the body.

If you don’t deal with the stress, you can end up with cell damage, which also hastens the aging process. The best way to calm stress is by using natural products to get the relief that you need to prevent aging.

Yogi Tea is a way that you can do this. The tea specifically addresses the emotional upheaval or the feeling of being overwhelmed that’s often caused by stress. It’s known to soothe the tension that stress brings to your life and help to restore your mind to peacefulness.

The tea is created using a blend of high quality Ayurvedic herbs. Only the best are chosen to use in the blend. These herbs are chosen based on their ability to achieve holistic healing which is better for the body.

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Part of the herbal mixture in the tea includes chamomile, which is a known relaxing ingredient. Other ingredients include lemongrass and gotu kola. To give the tea its pleasant sweet taste, licorice and lavender flower are also in the mixture.

This tea doesn’t contain caffeine. Because it doesn’t have this ingredient, you can use it whether it’s first thing in the morning, in the afternoon or at night before bed. Having a cup of this tea before it’s time to sleep can help you wind down and your sleep will be better as your mind relaxes.

In addition to not containing any caffeine, it’s also free of any artificial means, such as flavorings or added synthetic sweeteners. It’s suitable for those who practice the vegan lifestyle as well as those who choose to eat Kosher.

The product is certified organic and is also non-GMO. The tea bag itself is compostable and the carton they come in is recyclable which is a great nod toward saving the environment.

Each of the bags comes individually wrapped. To a delicious cup of tea, you only have to add a tea bag to boiling water. The package contains a total of 16 bags each so in all, you would get 96 tea bags. Once you brew and use the tea, it has an immediate calming, comforting effect even if your mind is racing and your emotions are heightened.