Your Beauty Evolution

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Who stresses over flaws?
I do.

You do.
And I know.  It is natural to look at our flaws.  We are girls…err, we are females.
But just think. 
If we strive to shift our focus, just for one moment, toward what’s right and pleasing with ourselves and forget noticing our flaws, wouldn’t that face we are looking at the mirror be much happier?
When I turned 40, I started to obsess about how I look.  That stuff they write about Life beginning at 40? That is not entirely true.  This is the stage when you notice little aches in those unknown joints.  This is the stage of life when you sweat like crazy, get irritated and raging mad over very simple things, and gain weight even if you are just imagining about food.
But one magic thing happened, too.
I began to introspect.
A lot.
And that was when I started to appreciate myself!
Sure, I still think about how slimmer I used to look and how I had lesser freckles back then (I called them freckles in grade school!  Why should I call them age spots now?).  But now that friends and relatives keep posting Throwback Thursdays and Flashback Fridays  any time of the week (just kidding Open-mouthed smile), the old pictures of twenty years past don’t seem to be as bad.  My hair looks great now, compared to that throwback fluffy hairdo which, at least made me look taller by five inches. In fact, I looked fine, the way I look fine now.  And probably, twenty years from now, I will look back and think the same about myself like I do now.

Which is why we should not waste too much time and energy wishing for what used to be or what may be!  Your life, the way you look, your good and bad experiences are constantly evolving.  And this evolution is all good – as long as you have the right attitude.
Because every woman, may she be twenty, thirty, forty, fifty, sixty, seventy, eighty or ninety can be incredibly beautiful in any stage of her life.

Smile In love!  You look better already!

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